The Typhoon Blaster SAND BLASTING Pressure WashER

Leading the industry, the TYPHOON BLASTER combines both the versatility of a pressure washer with the abrasiveness of different mediums such as sand to create a powerful and unique blasting system.  The lightweight aluminum frame combined with the patented tire positioning system allows for maximum maneuverability with little to no effort. Simply connect the hose to a water source, fill the hopper with dry sand, turn the key and go! The switch from sand to water is quick and easy. Remove the hopper and select from one of 5 variable quick-couple stainless steel nozzle tips, each color-coded for identification. The Typhoon Blaster is a must have for professionals and hobbyist alike.

This unique and fun to use blasting system is proudly designed and manufactured in South Carolina, USA by SC Power Tech Inc., a second generation family owned subsidiary company.  TYPHOON  is the newest innovative product birthed from over 50 years of American ingenuity and pride by its inventor.  In an age when American based production and manufacturing companies have closed or opted to importing from other countries, SC Power Tech continues to be a pioneering force that is dedicated to restoring American labor for American manufacturing to build American made products.

Our research & development team work diligently to develop innovative products based on the needs of our customers. With patent protected designs we continue to strive to release cutting edge, industry-leading and superior quality equipment.

We believe in the products that we produce 100% and strive to transfer the same level of belief to each and every owner of who owns a TYPHOON blasting system.  With an American based service and warranty department, service before, during and after the sale remains to be paramount in daily operations.  With an on-hand parts inventory is on hand to ensure that service be as easy as phone call.

If you have any question or concerns, contact us. If you would like to request more information on the TYPHOON product line, complete our contact form and mention your request in our message section. If you prefer to speak to a Typhoon representative in person, you may call us directly at 1-866-588-9361.