From fences and outdoor furniture to brick and steel, the amazing Typhoon Blaster can tackle any project large or small! 

  • Easily adjusts to clean multiple surfaces.
  • Versatile quick-change sand blasting and pressure washer nozzles come in multiple patterns and sizes.
  • Gently cleans wood without tearing up the surface.
  • Refurbish old, dirty, stained, cement with ease. The cleaned area looks like fresh cement that was installed yesterday.
  • Remove old paint from complex designs without warping the surface or spending countless wasted hours using stripping compounds and wire brushes.
  • Eliminate debris or tarnished metal with inexpensive play box sand that can be purchased locally. Various other forms of grit could be substituted for play sand for specialized applications.
  • Three pin removal easy on and off.
  • Pump is adjustable for cleaning multiple items.


The lightweight aluminum frame combined with the patented “Tire Positioning System” allows for maximum maneuverability with little to no effort! The Typhoon Blaster Sand Blasting Pressure Washer features a first of its kind patented stabilizing mechanism that alleviates vibration and movement no matter what surface you’re on! The switch from sand to water is quick and easy. Remove the hopper and select from one of 5 variable blasting tips. Just connect the hose to a water source, add fuel, fill the hopper with dry sand, and turn the key and go! The Typhoon Blaster is a must have for professionals and hobbyist alike.

The patented media flow selector allows for a wide range of uses:


Even difficult to clean steel is no match for the Typhoon Blaster Sand Blasting Pressure Washer!


Easily remove unwanted and unsightly graffiti from brick or siding!


Remove years of built up paint and varnish from wood!