Parts & Service

Power Pro Pressure Washer and Sand Blaster are proudly designed and manufactured in South Carolina, USA by SC Power Tech Inc. With American based production, we ensure service before, during and after you purchase a Power Pro.

Macle Tech's staff here to help

With a warehouse full of replacement parts, we have exactly what you need and we'll ship it to you fast. Whether it's your wand, tire, or extra nozzles, Typhoon has the quality part to get your unit up and running like new.

Our friendly and knowledge staff has the experience to help you through any technical challenges you may have. Just give us a call at 1-800-845-4141 and we'll help you out. After all, we've been in the small engine business for more than 25 years, and there's nothing we like better than solving problems for our customers.


Engine is running but no water is flowing.

  1. Water is turned off
  2. Hose is kinked
  3. Nozzle is plugged
  4. Pump seals are damaged
  1. Turn water supply ON
  2. UNWIND hose and remove kinks
  3. UNCLOG nozzle (watch how-to video)
  4. Contact Customer Service 1-800-845-4141

Engine bogs down when loads are connected

  1. Nozzle is clogged
  2. Defective pump
  3. Engine speed is too slow
  1. Unclog per instructions
  2. Contact service center
  3. Increase engine speed per engine manual
  4. Contact Customer Service 1-800-845-4141

Engine won’t start or starts but runs rough

  1. On/off switch is turned ‘off’
  2. Dirty air cleaner
  3. Out of fuel
  4. Stale fuel
  5. Not enough speed or force is used for recoil start
  6. Water in fuel
  7. Speed control not set to ‘run’
  8. Low oil level
  9. Engine has lost compression
  1. Turn on/off switch to ‘on’
  2. Clean air filter
  3. Fill fuel tank
  4. Drain fuel tank and refill with fresh fuel
  5. Read and follow directions.
  6. Drain fuel tank and refill with fresh fuel
  7. Move speed control to the ‘run’ position
  8. Add oil to the proper level
  9. Contact Customer Service 1-800-845-4141

Engine shuts down during operation

  1. Out of fuel
  2. Fault in engine
  3. Low oil level
  1. Adjust pressure of the blasting system per Owners Manual
  2. Turn up the media rate to the next highest number
  3. Check for media clogs, cuts in tube and kinks
  4. Change the type of media to a more aggressive media

Pump Leaks water

  1. Thermal release valve leaks water
  2. Pump seals or valves are worn
  1. The water temperature inside the pump has exceeded the set limit; squeeze the trigger to allow cool water to flow thru the pump. Do not allow pressure blasting system to idle for extended periods.
  2. Contact Customer Service 1-800-845-4141